Complete System For Automated and Real-time 3D Pantograph Inspection

PantoSystem enables automated pantograph monitoring in real-time to prevent teardown of the overhead contact line and improve fleet performance

Scanned Trains
Scanned Pantographs
Detected Damages


Most Accurate and Reliable System for Pantograph Condition Monitoring

The PantoSystem is a fully automated pantograph inspection system which offers the industry's most accurate and reliable measurements technology for the detection of damaged pantographs. The system uses a combination of AI, Advanced algorithms and 3D laser triangulation.


The self-monitoring PantoScanner is designed for any outdoor weather conditions and can easily be modified remotely for optimal performance throughout the year. Using a combination of ultra-high-speed 3D laser triangulation with Vision and LiDAR technology, the PantoScanner captures the most detailed and accurate data for both heavy rail and light rail. The invisible built-in infrared light that is used to capture images during the night, is not harmful to any of its surroundings.

Base Specs
Supported velocity Over 350 km/h
Resolution 1 mm
Weight ~70 kg
Dimensions 0.89 x 0.74 x 0.32 m
Bi-Directional Yes
Ambient Temperature -40°C to +50°C
Ambient Humidity Up to 98%

Software Suite

Our software is a proven end-to-end solution for pantograph condition monitoring, which uses advanced machine learning algorithms. It enables the operator to fully visualize and validate all measurement data from trains passing through the monitoring sites. It also offers flexible alarm handling procedures, can be customizable to support multiple languages, and enables 3rd party integration via API.

Key Features
Automatic Analysis
No human evaluation
Web Client
Rich web-based user interface
Easy external integration
Alarm Handling
Intuitive and flexible alarm flow
Damage Visualization
3D color coded representation
Big data mining
Supports all major languages 

Why PantoSystem?


Multiple Sensors

The PantoSystem uses multiple sensors to ensure reliable scanning in any environmental conditions. The high-speed 3D laser is insensitive to harsh weather and the high-speed infrared flash cameras provide multiple images of each pantograph at any time of the day. The laser rangers also provide a very detailed and accurate measurement of the train profile.


Highly Flexible

With our long experience in the field, we have gained extensive knowledge on the various behaviors of passing trains. We have also obtained a clear understanding of the diverse business needs for a supporting process. This has been combined into a highly flexible system, adaptable to ensure great performance.


Automatic System

The PantoSystem is a complete pantograph monitoring system with a full software package that offers everything you need for the entire process of inspecting and monitoring pantograph data. With our fully automatic system, you can easily detect damaged or defect pantographs during everyday operation to keep your trains running without any service disruptions.

Automated Inspection System

The PantoSystem is a robust and fully automated system that operates 24/7, regardless of the weather condition. Live images and 3D scans are available for trains running up to 350 km/h. The operator is instantly notified when a damaged pantograph is detected. The system is also easy to maintain, and the trains can automatically be inspected with no impact on daily operation.

Key Benefits

Infrastructure Managers & Train Operators

The PantoSystem delivers value and benefits for both infrastructure managers and train operators as well as the service companies supporting them.

Prevent Teardowns

Prevent teardown of overhead contact line with the industry's most accurate and reliable technology for pantograph monitoring.

Maintain Infrastructure

Detect the condition of your overhead contact line and other damages in your infrastructure with the help of big data analytics.


Increase work safety by eliminating high voltage incidents, caused by manual pantograph inspections.

Maximize Performance

Improve your fleet performance by monitoring the condition of your pantographs in real-time.

Specialized in Pantograph Monitoring

PantoInspect was the first company world-wide to develop a fully automated pantograph inspection system. Today, PantoInspect is a world-leading supplier for the global railway industry. Our focus on innovation and robustness, will keep us as the market leader of pantograph monitoring

We continuously invest in research & development to meet our customers individual requirements.

– Malte Breiting, CEO

We at PantoInspect always strive to make our products better every day. Innovation and curiosity is what drives us, it is what has taken us to where we are today, with the most advanced and robust scanner on the market. We make products that we believe in and that makes us proud. Our dedication and pride in our work is of course very valuable for our customers.

We have the experience,
we have a mature product,
we are ready to deliver

Pantograph monitoring is what we do!

What Our Customers Say

Marek Benaïche

Project Manager, RATP, France

“The PantoSystem enabled RATP to realize a huge cost savings of more than 100.000 euros per year for the fleet of one RER line, meaning a total of more than 200.000 euros. RATP is planning to extend the coverage of automatic Pantograph monitoring across their network in the future.”

Sydney Trains

Group Leader, Train Condition Monitoring Systems

“The PCMS has assisted Sydney Trains with the efficient operation of Australia’s busiest railway –helping to minimise delays to the millions of customers who use our network each week and to optimise fleet maintenance practices.”

Glenn Van Calster

Electrical Engineer, Infrabel,Belgium

“The Systems have identified damaged pantographs that needed immediate actions, to avoid possible overhead wiring breakage. Our estimate is that it is very likely, that by taking certain pantographs out of service, the worst incidents have been avoided. Possibly generating a significant return of investment.”