Software Suite

High-performance Pantograph Condition Monitoring Software

Access the most reliable data and advanced analytics to improve operational decision-making and asset management. 


Web based application available from anywhere without cumbersome installation

The PantoClient is a user-friendly and feature-rich cloud-based web-client platform which connects the applications of the platform to the pantograph. The web-client automatically delivers real-time insights on the condition of all pantographs passing the scanner and offers flexible alarm handling procedures. PantoInspect also offers hassle-free hosting of the software so that you can concentrate on your core business.

All Browser
Enabled Devices

You can instantly access the web client from any internet- connected devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Live Imaging &
3D Scan

For every train passage and alarm, a live image and a 3D scan is automatically generated. This enables you to accurately monitor and detect the severity of a pantograph damage.

Statistics &

A powerful statistics tool enables you to conduct pattern and trend analysis on your entire fleet of trains and pantographs. You can also export and store all statistical data generated by the PantoClient as a CSV file or generate reports to share it with the rest of your organization. 

User Roles &
User Groups

You can easily assign
administrator, user, and observer roles via the web client . This enables you to delegate tasks and enhances team collaboration.

Tagging of
Train Passages

A tag, similar to a hashtag, can be added to any train passage in case a pantograph damage requires attention. This makes it easier to locate the problem and notify your colleagues or the PantoInspect team to take the appropriate action. 

Multiple Language

The web client incorporates multilingual options for your individual preferences.


The PantoServer automatically analyses the defects of the scanned pantographs and provides measurements for predictive maintenance. Data transmission between the scanner, server and client is encrypted and is scalable to any number of scanners. It can either be hosted by PantoInspect or locally.

Automated Alarm Notification

An automated alarm notification is immediately provided, when one or more train passages trigger an alarm. The notification will be generated in the client and via the external PantoAlerter so adequate actions can be taken.

Automated Recording & Analysis

All scans can be accessed via the PantoClient to give the user a full overview of the train passages including vehicle identification, owner, condition of the pantographs, images and 3D scanning.

Data Analytics

You can easily access and retrieve recorded measurements for all alarms and train passages, which keeps you informed about the health of your pantograph and allows you improves decision-making and asset management.

Pantograph Identification

The PantoSystem uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify all pantograph models, which facilitates the management of numerous types of rolling stocks. Systematic damages can reveal costly defects in the infrastructure, affecting both the rolling stock and infrastructure manager.


The API (Application Programming Interface)
 enables you to integrate the PantoSystem with other systems 

We provide a rich API that enables access to the system data. As soon as the train has been scanned, analyzed and evaluated, the scanning is available via the API. The API opens up for easy integration with other system and for data extraction that enables advanced statistics and data mining. The API is well-documented and comes with testing capabilities. We also provide a sample API at our demo site where the API integration can be tested.