The combination of 3D triangulation and user friendly 2D images results in unmatched accuracy and robustness.

PantoScanner Mark VI




The Mark 6 scanner is the most accurate and robust scanner on the market. It uses 3D laser triangulation combined with 2D images to capture data of a passing train. The laser triangulation provide outstanding accuracy and precision on the recorded data. The 2D images add user friendliness but are also used for extracting measurements backing up the 3D data. This combination of two independent sources of data contributes to the overall robustness of the system, overcoming challenges such as harsh weather conditions. The scanner supports trains traveling up to 350 km/h in any direction and will automatically make a full scan of all the pantographs. Train identification and vehicle identification can be read via RFID and/or be injected via our rich API.

  The PantoScanners has been deployed world-wide and been scanning millions of trains which makes it a mature and proven product. Mark 6 has been designed with focus on up-time, accuracy and robustness. It covers all damages from completely deformed pantograph to small serial deformations that may indicate damaged over head wire infrastructure 

Missing Carbon
Edge Chip
Abnormal Wear
Missing and Displaced Horns
Carbon Detachment
Uplift Displacement and Force
Yaw, Roll and Pitch Angle
Carbon Thickness
Carbon Asymmetry
And More...
Additional Specs
Isolation Class IP66
Required Power Supply 1 x 230V, 10A, max 1kW
Data Network min. 2 Mbit/s

World-wide Installations

The PantoScanner is a proven technology for automated pantograph inspection with the largest number of installations world-wide. We offer two types of installations: gantry (overhead), and pole (wayside). Unlike existing installations available on the market, both installations provide a full systematic scanning of all pantographs passing by the monitoring sites incl. visibility of both sides of the pantograph horns. This gives the train operator the most accurate data for optimal validation of the condition of the pantograph. Regardless of your choice of installation, all maintenance tasks can be performed without any service disruptions. 


With the gantry installation, the scanner is installed right above the track. This is a very safe and robust installation which is suitable if you want to monitor several trains running on double-track and quadruple-track railways.


The scanners can also be installed on a pole mount on any side of the track. This installation is easy to install, and suitable for wayside monitoring of single-track railways.



Alarm notification

The PantoAlerter is a stand-alone audiovisual alarm notification device. It communicates with the API through Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet to notify you about the severity of an alarm via a buzzer and colored flashlights. It can be configured through a built-in web server or be connected to your own web client. You can place the PantoAlerter anywhere on your desk to visually monitor alarms generated by the PantoSystem, meanwhile managing other work tasks.

Damage Samples

The PantoSystem will detect all types of damages and deformations. The damages detected by the system ranges from small serial edge chips to bent horns and completely deformed pantographs.