Pantograph Monitoring on Trains in Motion

PantoSystem is a pantograph monitoring solution (WTMS) that automatically records sensor data and images of pantographs passing below the overhead wire. The system Is developed for infrastructure owners, and train or tram operators.

Detecting damages

At train speeds of up to 180 km/hour, any defects are detected and reported to the rail company via the PantoSystem data processing system. Train operators are made aware of the problems giving them an opportunity to take action and prevent any torn-down overhead wiring.


Other Automatic Inspections

The PantoSystem also allows for continuous inspection of horns, uplift pressure and train speed.  One main advantage is that the system also measures the thickness of the remaining carbon strip. Our customers can then predict when maintenance should be performed which promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance. Furthermore, it works bidirectionally and independent of the direction of the trains.

Alarms and automatic reporting

The PantoSystem will be customized for each customer to send alarms upon causes like cracks, uplift pressure, remaining carbon thickness etc. This will allow the train operator or the infrastructure owner to take immediate action and eliminate the problem.

The web interface 

The PantoSystem provides access to measurement data thr ough an easy to use graphical interface that can be accessed with any web reader (i.e. Explorer, Chrome). Pantoinspect will customize the web interface to fit to our customers’ environment.

*Wayside Track Monitoring System