Description of the PantoSystem

Full APIPantosystem solution

PantoSystem facilitates complete pantograph monitoring solutions consisting of a number of PantoScanners. This ensures automatic quality control of the entire overhead wiring network while in motion.

The Pantosystem solution covers all features:

  • A fully hosted PantoSystem License or installation hosted at client premises
  • A complete image and sensor analysis cycle on all recorded pantograph images
  • Recorded pantograph images supported by easily understood overlay graphics and numerical output of measurements
  • Damaged pantograph detection alarms
  • Alarm and pantograph inspection reports for e-mailing results to other parties
  • Full API for easy intergation in your existing IT infrastructure



Features and advantages

  • Control of incoming trains from other countries and operators
  • Inspection on the fly of up to 350 km/hour
  • Statistics will improve the maintenance business case
  • Works bidirectional - independent of the direction of the trains
  • Categorizing pantograph carbon damages
  • Measures: Pantograph carbon strip thickness, Geometry of entire pantograph and individual carbon strips.  Horn presence and alignment, Uplift pressure and Train speed.