PantoInspect Partner Program

Pantoinspect A/S offers our PantoSystem to customers worldwide and we work exclusively with local partners in their respective country. The idea is to combine the knowledge from Pantoinspect about real time monitoring of pantographs with local expertise from our partners about the customer’s needs, maintenance, installation and local support.

What can our partners expect from Pantoinspect?

  • Deliver pre-qualified leads.
  • Deliver professional & knowledgeable support during pre- and post-sales process.
  • Deliver training program that helps our partners to understand the possibilities.
  • Provide a best of breed solutions.
  • Create event & programs that help our partner to connect and start to build better solutions that provide more value for customers.

What does Pantoinspect expect from our partners?

  • Our partners will help us to grow the business through sales and marketing activities.
  • To focus on the client and deliver excellent solutions that provide true value for our customers.
  • To be knowledgeable and constantly evolve with the market.
  • Attend events & connect with other partners with the intention to build improved and new solutions.
  • Care about installation, support and maintenance.


Please send us an email if you want to know more about being a partner with Pantoinspect.

Malte Breiting
Managing Director