The PantoSystem delivers value and benefits for both infrastructure owners and rail operators as well as the service companies supporting them.

Rolling Stock Owners


  • Predict when maintenance should be performed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance.
  • Get an indication of a defect or wrong adjusted pantograph
  • Protect your brand and increase the customer experience by less by lower rolling-stock stops

Infrastructure Owners


  • Prevent that damaged pantographs can cause overhead wiring tear-downs
  • Avoid costly network delays
  • Avoid costly infrastructure repairs
  • Avoid timely and costly manual inspections

PantoSystem (WTMS*) is built for real-time use on trains in operation

When the PantoSystem is installed along main tracks, the train pantographs are inspected and measured for damages and wear during everyday operations without any interruptions to passenger or freight train services. As such, a considerably larger number of trains may be inspected more frequently, and both critical damages and weather conditioned excessive wear may be detected in time to prevent damage to the catenary wiring.

*Wayside Track Monitoring System.