PantoInspect and PantoSystem

Pantoinspect A/S is the company behind the PantoSystem for automated pantograph inspection, developed for infrastructure owners and train operators within the railway industry. Our history started in 2008, when we initiated the first work and development with Banedenmark. Today the automated pantograph inspection system is installed in several countries worldwide and serves our customers well in their daily operation.The development of our core technology and the production of the PantoSystem is made in-house at our property in Copenhagen. Our mission is to help our customers to protect their infrastructure assets and lower their cost of maintenance for their pantographs.

Our history and affiliation

PantoInspect was founded in 2013 as part of Image House Holding A/S. All companies in the group are specialized in vision technology. For more information, please contact either Malte Breiting, Managing Director at PantpInspect or Hans Steenberg, CEO at Image House Holding.